Veganism is the fastest growing social justice movement in the world. The movement grew 350% in the last year, with people aged between 15 – 25 as the most engaged and most likely to convert to the lifestyle.

Australia has the third largest vegan product market in the world, behind the UK and the US.


Veganism has negative stigma attached to it as it attacks social conformity and embedded political and social dogma. My action is less confrontational, but subverse and different due to the widely shared public view of ‘direct action intimidation’ techniques used currently.


A viral marketing movement built on a ‘bread crumb’ model encourages the user to allow their curiosity to lead them to information, as opposed to direct tactics. Specifically designed for those who are already questioning and discovering social concepts in their world. Visual cues, such as the stickers/magnets/badges in public places, contain positive statements and a website address, inviting the user to learn for themselves.

A website, using each visual image as a catalyst, links to brief accurate non-judgmental information. The user is invited to learn, not accused or guilted into change. The website will contain no graphic images and limited graphic written content.


Targeting streets and hubs (bars, cafes, public space) where alternative lifestyles are accepted is the obvious first port of call, but all communities!